sábado, 23 de junio de 2012

Peña Argentina 23. Junio!

Samstag 23. Juni - Peña Argentina

Prinzen Allee 58 (Genossenschaft)
13359-Berlin -Weding

14:00 Mate Einführung (Gaston)
15:00 Zamba Worshop (Javier Pereyra)
17:00 Chacarera Doble (Javier Pereyra)
19:00 Live Music mit:
+ Mariano Bujacich (Bandoneon)
+ Alejandro Jesús Acosta (Guitarre - Gesang)
+ Fede Diaz (Guitarre)
+ Patricio Zarazaga (Violine - Bombo)
20:00 Tanzgruppe "De Igual a Igual"
Tanzausführung Boleadoras (Javier Pereyra )
& Agustina Navarro- Alma Edelstein - Gustavo Soraire - Patricio Zarazaga
+ Frauke Nees & Gustavo Soraire (Tango Ausführung)
21:20 Peña Abierta
+ Spielplatz & Spielzeuge für Kindern.
+ Live Musik - Empanadas - Asado - Malbec - Fernet Branca mit Freunden


domingo, 17 de junio de 2012


Hasenheide 9 - 10967 , Berlin (U7, U8 Hermannplatz)

14:00 Mateada
15:00 Zamba Workshop (Javier Pereyra)
17:00 Chacarera Praktika (Javier Pereyra)
18:00 Open Stage & Gäste
19:30 Live Musik mit:
+ Fede Díaz & Lucia Luque (Guitarre - Violine)
+ Mariano Bujacich (Bandoneon)
+ Alejandro Jesús Acosta (Guitarre - Gesang)
21:00 Tanz Show Tango & Folklore
Gruppe: "De igual a igual"
+ Javier Pareyra (Bombo - Tanz - - Malambo Norteño & Sureño)
+ Patricio Zarazaga (Violine - Bombo)
+ Agustina Navarro (Tanz)
+ Perla Segovia (Tanz)
+ Gustavo Soraire (Tanz - Bombo)

* Spezielle Gäste: Daniel Farah - Fernando Dimeo - Pichi Cuello

+++ Mate - Asado - Empanadas - Malbec - Fernet Branca und Freunde...


jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012

PEÑA ARGENTINA - folklore & tango [Re-loaded]


We have the great pleasure to welcome LUIS LÓPEZ and VÍCTOR SIMÓN, two amazing artists from Argentina, to share with us once again a genuine argentinian party.

After the big success of the last Peña Argentina, we come again with a new evening full of music, dance and joy

+ Relaxed afternoon to enjoy mate and cakes

+ Chacarera, Zamba and Musicality (for tango dancers) Workshops
+ Live Music and dance shows with exceptional international artists

...And of course argentinian empanadas the whole evening!!!



14:30 Mate and cake

15:30 Musicality Workshop for tango dancers with Víctor Simón at
          the piano.
17:15 Zamba Workshop with Luis López
19:00 Chacarera and Zapateo Workshop with Luis López
20:30 Music with DJ Ledesma (chacareras, zambas, national music,
21:30 SHOW with 

          Luis López (boleadoras, folklore and tango dancer)
          Víctor Simón (Pianist Composer)
23:00 Party with jam session (all musicians are welcome to join with
          their instruments)

Open end...


Each Workshop: 15€

Show: 10€
3WS + Show (whole day): 30

to asure your place in the Workshops please reply to kreakomunumo@gmail.com

organized by

sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

"Video Abend" + Dinner

The weekend is close and we have a suggestion for this cold sunday:    
Video evening + dinner

: @ the Atelier Rembrandthaus (Rembrandtstr. 8 S-Friedenau)
when: Sunday 29. 18:00 (we´ll start on time)
what: 1. copyleft film "Sita sings the Blues"  
          2. dinner. The idea is that everybody brings something to
              eat to share with the others. (You don´t have 
to worry about drinks. As you know, we have a bar with 
              different beers, bionade, club mate and wine.)

Looking forward to see you!

jueves, 19 de enero de 2012


Come to join a BLUES DANCE WORKSHOP that will be taught by Theo from NY. It will be an interesting experience for dancers, who will enrich their dance-knowledge and for non-dancers to experiment this flexible dance without structures. 

Wednesday,  january 18th and 25th
18:30 - 19:30: lesson
19:30 - 20:00: practice
20:00 - ? have a drink, a chat, etc.

at "Atelier Rembrandthaus" (Rembrandtstr. 8, Friedenau)

So, why Blues? by Theo

There are many, many styles of blues dancing, and they all vary by
region.  I learned to dance in Ohio and in New York had to adapt a
bit.  Blues dancing doesn´t depend on learning complex steps, and in
fact I started dancing it with no training whatsoever.  To learn you
actually have to dance, so I would like to give you the tools to do
this.  That being said, I would like to teach a class on blues dancing
to see how people like it, and then try to find somewhere to hold a
dance classes an events on a regular basis in a permanent location.

You can dance blues to most songs with a slow beat, trip-hop, hip-hop,
some rock (I even danced to an orchestral cover of a metallica song),
and of course, blues.  You can also incorporate different styles of
dancing into blues.  I like it for the untold creativity it offers,
you really dance with a connection in mind rather than with a set step
you learn in class.  Of course, I´ll teach you some moves, but the
main goal is to have fun!  All levels of experience welcome!

The cost for this course will be any kind of contribution as a sign for your gratitude.

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

PEACE IS FUN! from breakfast to dinner with BIPPI Initiative for Peace

You are welcome to join a very special Workshop 


Everybody's talking about PEACE... 
...What is it? Where is it? Why is it?

Next saturday will be a special day in which we can have fun together and learn about
The meaning
The causes
The path
The solution
The responsibility

BRUNO PICOZZI will guide us through this topic from breakfast to dinner. 

for the workshop,
for the food (The expenses should be covered)
for KreaKomunumo (so that we can formalize the association and continue organizing things like that with the same philosophy)

PLEASE REGISTER  replying to kreakomunumo@gmail.com before 16th december!